White Clover-Dutch Type

White Dutch Clover is a smaller leafed, long-lived clover that is an environmentally friendly option for producers, landscapers and pollinators.
White Dutch is beneficial to the soil as it provides ground cover for erosion control, improves the soil, provides a quick cover, crowding out weeds and becomes thicker and stronger every year. White Dutch also tolerates cold, heat, drought and foot traffic—and grows in poor soil.
Landscapers plant White Dutch to provide a quicker ground cover, to improve the soil, fill in spots, and provide a living fertilizer for the soil and other plants grown with the clover.
White Dutch is also beneficial as a stand alone pollinator or in a mix with other pollinators to attract bees, provides critical food to pollinators including bees and thus help in pollinating crops.

White Dutch Clover is pre-inoculated with an OMRI listed inoculation for improved establishment and growth.
Inoculation is recommended when planting legumes.
*Details on seed coatings, inoculations and our OMRI certificates are available on our Resources Page.

OMRI Listed



Plant at 1/4″ depth. An ideal soil bed is moist, fertile and firm. A soil test is recommended for proper plant establishment and growth.


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