Tuukka Timothy

Tuukka Timothy was selected with the serious forage producer in mind. Tuukka has superior ratings on a percentage of leaf to stem ratio and has the most desired trait of quick regrowth.
Tuukka provides high quality forage for hay or pasture. GREAT SEEDLING VIGOR – Tuukka exhibits excellent seedling vigor when compared to other Timothy varieties.
Tuukka provides season-long production of nutritious forage even in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th cuttings when the alfalfa growth is not so overwhelming.
Tuukka is recommended for hay, grazing, silage or green chop (direct feeding). When mixed with alfalfa or clovers, Tuukka provides a long lasting grass companion that will enhance the quality of the cow’s diet.

When seeded alone or with other grasses Tuukka provides excellent season long forage. TOPS OF LEAVES – Tuukka exhibits substantially more leaves than stems when compared to other varieties. RAPID REGROWTH – Tuukka has very vigorous regrowth after cutting or grazing, even after 2nd and 3rd cuttings. HIGH FORAGE QUALITY – With quick regrowth and higher percentage of leaves, HIGH YIELDING – Tuukka performed very well in University trials in Wisconsin and Illinois averaging 111% more than other improved Timothy varieties.


Plant at 1/4″ depth.
*Timothy does not take early competition as well as other grasses in hay and pasture scenarios.


If grazing, graze timothy down to about 3-4 inches after the plant reaches 10-12 inches in height. This will provide the maximum forage quality and leaf-to-stem ratio. As with any forage, management practices dictate the quality of the forage nearly as much as the genetics of the product. With proper management practices timothy should provide high yielding, high quality forage that will result in maximum farmer profitability.

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