Turf-Type Fescue

Turf Type Fescue is a lower growing, “dwarf” type, cool season bunchgrass that provides excellent turf quality and much better color to lawns and sports fields than regular tall fescue.

Turf Type Fescue is more drought and heat tolerant than ryegrass because the roots penetrate deeper into the soil, making turf type fescue an excellent component in a turf blend or in areas with droughtier soilds or higher traffic.
Turf Type Fescues are ideal in both shady and sunny areas and will produce beautiful dense, green turf.


Plant at 1/4″ depth.
*Planting rate may vary dependant on what you are seeding (orchard/lawn/ athletic field, etc).
The denser the desired seeding, the higher the planting rate should be.


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