Trical® 719 Winter Triticale

Trical 719 is a exciting, newer northern winter triticale variety with high yields, excellent winter hardiness and exceptional quality.

Trical is a high forage producer and a great choice for high quality hay.

Trical 719 is a tall, medium maturing, awnletted winter triticale that has gained widespread popularity in the hay markets in Montana and North Dakota due to its yields, adaptability and winter survival.

Trical 719 has demonstrated strong forage yields from the Pacific Northwest all the way across into New York. Has shown to do well in the central and southern plains as well.

TriCal® 719 is Plant Variety Protection contemplated. Unauthorized seed multiplication, sales, delivery, advertising or offering of seed is strictly prohibited by the U.S Plant Variety Protection Act.


Plant 1/2″-1″ depth.

Plant into well prepared seed bed for best germination success.

Total nitrogen needed for silage should be 120-130 actual pounds per acre; recommend at least 20 pounds of the total be applied at planting.


TriCal®815 can utilize dairy waste nutrients for part or all of the plant nutritional needs.

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