Teff Grass (w/Nitro-Coat® Organic)

Teff is a unique warm season annual grass that offers quick growth, high quality and palatability and will produce 204 cuttings per year. Teff is coated for improved establishment and growth and plantability.
Teff Grass can be used as a high quality hay or grazing crop adn can also be used as a green manure crop, a cover crop for erosion control, late season emergency crop or interseeded into thin stands of alfalfa.
Teff Grass is also suitable for double cropping! When interseeded into alfalfa, Teff Grass not only adds higher yields quantities, but high quality to the forage. Teff Grass is fine stemmed and is ideal for hay rotations.

Teff Grass’ nutritive value is comparable to Timothy, but with higher quality and palatability. Teff Grass is an excellent component in horse and other livestock hay.
Very few disease and pest problems have occurred with Teff grass and in most locations Teff can be grown without use of fungicides or pesticides.
**Keep in mind that Teff seed is a very small seed. Teff Grass is coated to ensure better flowability, moisture absorption and better initial emergence.
**We carry Teff with both an OMRI approved coating and sometimes a coating that is NOT approved for Organics, so please always make sure we know if you need an OMRI coated product when ordering.


Plant Teff at 1/8″ to 1/4″ depth—no deeper!!
Teff requires a frost free growing season and will not tolerate freezing/frost/ice-sheeting, so plant after all chance of frost is gone.


Adequate moisture is ideal for the crops fast germination, which occurs the first week in warm conditions.

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