Survivor Winter Peas

Survivor Winter Peas are a cool season, viney annual legume that are fall seeded for forage, wildlife, weed suppression and improved spring green up.

Survivor Winter Peas were bred for advanced winter tolerance, providing producers with more confidence and consistency. Survivor Winter Peas provide greater biomass production which translates into higher Nitrogen production capability.

Survior Winter Peas have very quick establishment and very robust plants offering excellent weed suppession capability.

Winter Peas are known for their Nitrogen-fixing capacity that provides an extra boost to your cover crop mix.

Winter peas are capable of fixing over 200 pounds of nitrogen per acre and areone of the most moisture efficient crops at producing biomass.

Their root system improves water infiltration and the holding capacity of the soil.


Plant at 1/2-1″ depth.

Survivor’s viney plants grow thin and hollow stems up to 4-foot-long. They feature curled tendrils and purple to reddish pink flowers.


Winter Peas perform best in a pH range of 6.3-7.0 and require adequate phosphorous and potassium.

Winter Peas perform poorly under low light levels, hence it doesn’t interseed into corn very well.

Fluctuations between warm and cold temperatures will inhibit growth and may kill plants.

Winter Peas are not well adapted well for pasture as they do not tolerate trampling.

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