Spring Triticale

Spring Triticale is a hybrid cross between rye grain and spring wheat. As such, spring triticale combines the yield potential and grain quality of wheat with the disease and environmental tolerance of rye.

Spring Triticale is taller than wheat and much leafier than wheat or oats. It is higher in crude protein and has higher relative with excellent digestibility when chopped for forage.

Spring Triticale is also a very popular when mixed with field peas or oats chopped for haylage.
As it is later than oats, you have a longer window for harvest.

Traditionally spring triticale has been grown as forage, but spring triticale is also being researched and used as a feed crop in low rations. One of the main benefits of spring triticale other than it’s high protein value is its environmental value.

Spring Triticale is known to suppress weeds but when planted with corn-soybean rotation triticale can decrease soybean nematode and corn rootworm populations.

Spring Triticale also reduces soil erosion and captures excess soil nitrogen from corn-soybean crops. Another environmental benefit is that spring triticale requires little if any pesticides.


Plant 1/2″ -1″ depth.

Plant into well prepared seed bed for best germination success.


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