Soybean Milo Mix

Soybean Milo Mix is a mix of Milo (grain sorghum) that gets 4-4 1/2 feet tall and a tall group 4 soybean.
Soybean Milo is an alternative forage crop used primarily for haylage or silage.
Feed value is very high with a high protein content, comparable to alfalfa.

Soybean Milo is normally planted from early June to as late as mid July.
Soybean Milo can be planted after harvesting any of the pea, pea-oats, pea-triticale or triticale mixes or after cuttings of alfalfa, fall rye grain or winter wheat.


Plant 1″ depth.
Inoculation recommended.
Plant mid May- July 15.
Some farmers plant this mix after harvesting their Field Pea mix.


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