Soybean (Liquid) (N-Take)

Verdesian’s N-Take inoculation for soybeans is a liquid inoculant that will inoculate 50 units (2500 lbs) of soybeans.

Verdesian N-Take Liquid Inoculation ensures proper nodulation with a high bacteria count.
N-Take™ inoculant stimulates free-living soil bacteria, enhancing your soybeans’ nitrogen uptake from the earliest stages of development through harvest.
As a dual-action, custom-applied liquid soybean inoculant designed for commercial application, N-Take’s formulation exposes plants to more nitrogen.


There are 2 ways to inoculate soybeans. One is by applying dry inoculation to the soybean and the other is by using a liquid inoculation like Verdesian’s N-Take.
When applying a liquid N-Take, remember N-Take is a live organism. Shake bottle well before use. Do not mix with fungicides or pesticides. Apply to seed and seal bottle tightly shut. Once you open bottle, use its contents within 24 hours. Do not use old or expired inoculation. Do not leave in heat or sunlight.


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