Soybean (Exceed Peat) Inoculant

Soybean (Exceed Peat) Dry Inoculant for Soybeans is a Peat-based inoculant, available in two sizes, one will inoculate 6 units (300 lbs0 of Soybeans and the other will inoculate 30 units (1500 lbs) of soybeans.

Exceed Peat Soybean inoculation is currently on the OMRI approved list.

Exceed Peat inoculant is intended to be applied onto seed. Exceed Peat is a culture of highly effective strain of rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing
bacteria) that will colonize the plant roots to gather and fix the “free” nitrogen of the air, making it available to the plants.

OMRI Listed



• The optimum method for applying Exceed® Peat inoculant is by using the slurry method.
• Dampen seed with non-chlorinated, clean, cool water or another liquid.
• Add appropriate amount of inoculant to seed and mix water/liquid, seed, and inoculant thoroughly until seed is uniformly coated.
• This method should be done in a container outside of the planter box.
• Allow 1-3 minutes for mixture to dry and then plant as soon as possible.

**Keep inoculation in a cool, dry, dark location and use before the expiration date.


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