Sainfoin (Exceed Peat) Inoculant

Sainfoin (Exceed Peat) is specifically meant to inoculate Sanfoin and contains the types and quantities of bacteria needed for optimum root nodulation and a natural microbial growth promoter to ensure root enhancement and seedling vigor in Sanfoin.
The 100# size inoculant will inoculate 100 lbs of Sainfoin.

Exceed Peat inoculant is intended to be applied onto seed. Exceed Peat is a culture of highly effective strain of rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing
bacteria) that will colonize the plant roots to gather and fix the “free” nitrogen of the air, making it available to the plants.

OMRI Listed



• The optimum method for applying Exceed® Peat inoculant is by using the slurry method.
• Dampen seed with non-chlorinated, clean, cool water or another liquid.
• Add appropriate amount of inoculant to seed and mix water/liquid, seed, and inoculant thoroughly until seed is uniformly coated.
• This method should be done in a container outside of the planter box.
• Allow 1-3 minutes for mixture to dry and then plant as soon as possible.

**Keep inoculation in a cool, dry, dark location and use before the expiration date.


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