Reid Yellow Dent Open Pollinated Corn

Reid Yellow Dent Open Pollinated Corn is one of the most popular, widely adapted open-pollinated varieties on the market and yields very well among other open pollinated varieties.
Reid Yellow Dent is a tall, 100-110 day corn hybrid that is non-treated and non-gmo.
Reid Yellow Dent is well suited for the Midwest but can be grown in almost every state in the US. This untreated/non-gmo hybrid can be used for natural farming, is very popular for wildlife and game bird enthusiasts and can be used to make corn recipes such as corn bread, homily and much more!

Reid Yellow Dent has a deep yellow kernel with a lighter cap and a reddish tinge on a tapered cob with 16-22 closely spaced rows.
Kernels have a square crown and are slightly dented on top.


Plant 2-2 1/4″ depth for best establishment.


Prefers full sun and warm temperatures for establishment and growth.

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