Pivot Bio

Welter Seed is now offering Pivot Bio Nitrogen products as a way to reduce synthetic Nitrogen needs in corn and cereal grain crops. Pivot Bio has transformed the way fertilizer is produced and used by today’s farmers. From its environmentally sound fermentation production process to zero waste, Pivot Bio’s microbes offer farmers a more efficient and sustainable Nitrogen to fuel their crops.

Pivot Bio’s microbes symbiotically colonize roots and convert atmospheric Nitrogen to Ammonia for the plant in exchange for root exudates, reducing the need for 35-40 pounds of synthetic Nitrogen per acre. Since the bacteria live on the roots, the colonies grow with the corn or cereal grain, providing protection from leaching through the soil profile.

Pivot Bio ProveN40 is offered as a liquid in-furrow covering 40 acres with 12.8 ounces per acre or On Seed in 50 unit probox quantities (local option or brought to site only).

Liquid in-furrow must be used within 24 hours of the jug being opened. On Seed Pivot Bio should be used 60 days from the treatment time.

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