Pearl Millet

Pearl millet is an economical, leafy, warm season annual grass known for its high leaf to stem ration. Pearl Millet has been an important forage crop in the U.S. for over 50 years offering producers high forage & grain yields with high protein content and high digestibility. Pearl Millet is widely used for hay and silage production, grazing and in wildlife and bird habitat and offers feed values similar to corn.

Pearl Millet can reach 4-6 feet tall at maturity and is moderately tolerant to salinity.
Pearl Millet will regrow well after cutting and can be grazed or cut for hay mulitple times.
Pearl Millet is very drought tolerant and can grow in light soils.
Pearl Millet is NOT tolerant of standing water.


Plant 1/4″-1/2″ depth.
Plant when soil temperature reaches 60 degrees farenheit. (In the midwest this would generally be the end of May or in June.)


Harvest at 40-50 inches or when crop is in the boot stage

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