New PayDay Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass

PayDay is a new medium-late maturing perennial, tetrapoid perennial ryegrass.
PayDay is a wider-leafed perennial ryegrass with a higher sugar content, making PayDay more palatable and digestible for livestock.
PayDay is very compatible with other pasture and hay species and is a must have for grazing and hay mixtures.

PayDay is notably more cold tolerant than other ryegrasses and has an improved rust resistance which give PayDay a longer stand life, higher yields , which calculate into improved animal gains.
PayDay is naturally endophyte free.


Plant at 1/4″ depth.
Perennial Ryegrass can be spring or fall planted, broadcast and frost-seeded.


Perennial Ryegrass like moist, fertile soils and will respond to liberal applications of Nitrogen.

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