Palaton Reeds Canarygrass

Palaton Reeds Canarygrass is a long-lived, low alkaloid variety that is more palatable to grazing livestock than other varieties and is noted for its outstanding production in wet or swampy environments.
Palaton Reeds Canarygrass can tolerate a wide pH range, has outstanding persistence, provides better than average forage yields, tolerates any type of cutting schedule and thrives in both dry and wet soils.
Palaton Reeds Canarygrass provides good grazing and hay opportunities when other pastures suffer from water logged soils and drought, and makes good use of wetter fields that would otherwise be unproductive.

Canarygrass spreads by rhizomes, forming a sod that creates a very dense stand that is well suited for pastures and hay-making, but it is also extensively used for erosion control and makes an excellent blind and feed for birds and wildlife.


Plant at 1/4″ depth.
Palaton Reeds Canarygrass is slow to establish but has a long stand life with good drought, heat and cold tolerance.


Palaton Reed Canarygrass has the capability of crowding out other plant species in wet, swampy fields.
When managed properly, feed quality can be very favorable.

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