Nutech 66C2 Qrome Traited Corn (T)

Nutech 66C2 Qrome Traited Corn (T) is a 106 maturity corn with Medium Tall height that yields with later corn and could be used for grain or silage. This product checks alot of boxes–good yields, good agronomics, good plant health and good drought tolerence.
Nutech 66C6 is a strong product choice to mix into your package of hybrids to plant and works well in any soil type.

Qrome traited products feature dual modes of action to defend against above and below ground pests.
Qrome products include a unique molecular stack of the proven Bt proteins from the Herculex® I and Herculex® RW traits allow for a 5% refuge blended in the bag.

OMRI Listed



Plant at 2 2 1/2″ depth


Fungicide is recommended during heavy Gray Leaf Spot pressure, generally not critical to spray-just when field is experiencing heavy pressure.

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