NuTech 26N06E Enlist Soybeans (NT or T)

NuTech 28N02E Enlist Soybeans (NT or T) can be ordered Treated or Non-Treated Seed.

NuTech 26N06E Enlist Soybeans area upgraded mid group 2 soybean with a 2.6 maturity, medium height and are a mid bush that you can run on some tough ground as well as good ground.

NuTech 26N06E Enlist Soybeans carry a Phytophthora gene and SCN resistance.

Enlist Soybeans are a trait platform that carries Roundup, Liberty and 2-4-D Choline tolerance.
The reformulated 2-4-D Choline is the only 2-4-D labeled for use.
This platform provides excellent flexibility for in season weed control option while staying put due to ultra low volatility formulations.

OMRI Listed



Plant at 1-1 1/2″ depth

Inoculation Recommended!


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