N-Vest Groundbreaker Mix

N-Vest Groundbreaker Mix is a mixture of Austrian Winter Peas and Groundhog Radishes that provides many benefits as a cover crop, forage crop or for erosion control
N-Vest Groundbreaker offers producers weed suppression, Nitrogen production and ground aeriation and decompaction for hardened soils.
GroundHog Radishes can scavenge up to 130 units N/Acre and Austrian Winter Peas can produce up to 120 units of N/Acre.

N-Vest™ Cover Crop Mixes were developed specifically to meet the differing needs of farmers and how they can benefit from planting cover crops in the fall. There are many benefits to using fall cover crops on your farm (soil protection, nutrient capture, improved soil tilth, soil pests reduction, increased Nitrogen fixation and improvement to future crop production).


Plant at 1/2″-1″ depth with a planter or drill and N-Vest Groundbreaker can also be aerially applicated, depending on moisture level available.
Plant July to early September.


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