Mix #7 Dairyman’s Dream Mix

Mix #7 contains provides livestock high quality forage with a higher level of protein with no clovers in the mix.
Mix #7 is good in long term rotations and helps the dairy and beef farmer get more milk and better weight gain from their acres, in turn increasing overall profitability.
This is one of our most popular mixes among our customers!
Mix #7 consist of:
90% 2020 Supreme Brand Alfalfa
10% Tuukka Timothy

All of our hay, pasture and waterway mixes are premixed, saving our customers valuable time during the busy planting season. Mix #7 contains alfalfa that has been pre-inoculated with an OMRI Listed inoculation for improved establishment and growth.
Inoculation is recommended when planting legumes.
*Details on Seed Coatings, Inoculations & the OMRI downloadable certificates on our Reference Page.


Plant at 1/4″ depth. An ideal soil bed is moist, fertile and firm. A soil test is recommended for proper plant establishment and growth.


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