Mix #6 Highland Mix

Mix #6 is a highland specified mix with improved varieties of seed and a higher concentration of alfalfa, this mix will preform excellent on well drained areas as well as regular soils.
Mix #6 consists of:
82% 2020 Supreme Brand Alfalfa
10% Blaze Red Clover
8% Tuukka Timothy

All of our hay, pasture and waterway mixes are premixed, saving our customers valuable time during the busy planting season.
Inoculation is recommended when planting legumes.
Mix #6 contains alfalfa and clover that has been pre-inoculated with an OMRI Listed inoculation for improved establishment and growth.
*Details on Seed Coatings, Inoculations & the OMRI downloadable certificates on our Reference Page.


Plant at 1/4″ depth. An ideal soil bed is moist, fertile and firm. A soil test is recommended for proper plant establishment and growth.


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