Milkway Fescue Blend

Milkway Fescue Blend is a very versatile blend of Barenbrug’s soft leaved meadow fescue and soft leafed tall fescue.
Milkway will grow under cool, moist conditions, tolerate wet and the occasional flooded soils and once established.
It will also perform well under drier conditions for making hay or silage and on good soils.
Milkway Fescue Blend can surpasses perennial ryegrass in summer production and makes an high quality companion in pasture and hay mixes.

Milkway Fesuce Blend contains a mixture of high yielding meadow fescue (50%) and an extremely digestible tall fescue cultivar (50%) to offer producers a palatable, superior quality forage fescue blend. Milkway is ideally suited for the TMR of high producing dairies in the northern US


Fescue Blends are best planted in the spring or early autumn.
Plant at 1/4″ depth in a prepared, firm seedbed, do plant too deep. Meadow Fescues do not no-till establish well or establish into competition from the already established grasses. Soil samples should be collected and analyzed well in advance of establishment.


Lime should be applied six months in advance to allow time to react. Phosphorous and potassium should be applied according to soil test recommendation. Lacking a soil test, apply: N= 30 lbs., P= 70lbs. and K= 50 lbs./acre. Appropriate cutting heighth is improtant for plant regrowth. After cutting, there should be leaves remaining on the plant.

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