Midwest Wildflower Mix

The Midwest Wildflower Mix is a mix of several annual, biennial and perennial wildflowers that together provide a beautiful blend of early maturing, late maturing, short-term and long-term flowers that will provide coverage for years when maintained.

TIPS FOR PLANTING WILDFLOWERS: *Before planting, remove existing weeds by pulling, tilling under, applying a glyphosate herbicide such as Roundup, or by a combination of these methods. *Allow vegetation to die, then rake out the dead debri. *After using Roundup, allow the soil to recover for 3-4 weeks before planting seed. *If poor soil is present, use a low nitrogen fertilizer with 5-10-10 ratio. *Prepare a firm seed bed. Plant seed no more than 1/4″ deep. Plant 6-10# per acre, then cultipack to maximize seed/soil contact. *Mulch with a weed-free mulch. Maintain consistent moisture for 4-6 weeks, then gradually reduce waterings.


Plant 1/4″ depth.


Once the seeds have germinated, further weed control is necessary. If practical, pull all weeds as soon as they can be identified.
You may also need to spot spray with a general herbicide or cut weeds with a trimmer.
Be sure to remove the weeds before they reseed.
*Wildflowers may be moved in the fall following seed set.
*Wildflowers are fairly slow to establish. Re-seeding may be desirable in second and subsequent years if wildflowers are spotty.
*Wildflowers should be mowed each fall to a height of 4-6″. The residue should be left on the ground; this will help the wildflowers reseed themselves. This will also assist with weed control.

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