Merschman Mohawk 1928E Enlist Soybeans

Merschman Mohawk 1928E Enlist Soybeans are an above average yielder with wide adaptability east to west and solid disease package.

Mohawk 1928E’s are a versatile 2.8 maturity, Medium Tall-Mid Bush bean that moves south well and works on all soil types offering excellent stress tolerance on well drained soils with SCN resistance.

Mohawk 1928E’s stand well and have great emergence with a Brown Pod and Imperfect Black Hilum.

No Phytophthora gene so seed treatment is warranted when planting in sold, wet conditions.

Enlist Soybeans are a trait platform that carries Roundup, Liberty and 2-4-D Choline tolerance.
The reformulated 2-4-D Choline is the only 2-4-D labeled for use.
This platform provides excellent flexibility for in season weed control option while staying put due to ultra low volatility formulations.

OMRI Listed



Plant at 1-1 1/2″ depth.

Inoculation Recommended!


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