Lincoln Smooth Bromegrass

Lincoln Smooth Bromegrass is an excellent sod-forming grass widely used in pastures, erosion control mixes and in waterways. Lincoln is very cold tolerant.
Lincoln Smooth Bromegrass has a highly developed root system and is resistant to temperature extremes and drought.

The forage quality of smooth bromegrass is higher than that of most other cool-season grasses such as orchardgrass or tall fescue; crude protein levels in smooth bromegrass often exceed 12 percent if it is harvested in the boot stage.


Plant seed about 1/4″ in spring and early fall. Plant in a well prepared seed bed. Bromegrass can be broadcast into tilled soil, but does not like to be planted too deep.


Bromegrass grows best on deep, well-drained silt or clay loam but may also establish itself in sandier soils.

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