Kestrel Kale

(Maris) Kestrel Kale is a full maturity leafy kale variety with short stems (150-220 days to grazing). Kestrel was bred to have a low-fiber stem with high digestibility and offers high yields with a high leaf proportion.
Kestrel Kale has good re-growth potential

Kestrel can be used to extend the grazing season as the cool season pasture season ends.
The leaves and stems are highly digestible, very suitable for dairy, beef, and sheep.
Kestrel can also be used as a break crop in order to convert older pastures to different species and newer varieties.
Kestrel Kale is an annual crop that gives a bigger window to eliminate the old undesirable forage through the use of herbicides, tillage, and the competition of the brassica crop itself.

Kestrel Kale is palatable and not a bitter forage.
Kestrel Kale will become very sweet after frost, making it a desirable forage for all classes of livestock.

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