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Kestral Kale

Kestrel Kale is a high producing brassica-known for its large, very palatable leaves.
Kestrel Kale is well suited to beef, dairy and sheep grazing systems and makes an excellent, high energy deer feed.
Kestrel Kale can provide up to 25% protein in it’s leaves and is one of the best forage producers in the brassica family, producing up to 10 tons of leafy forage per acre.

Kestrel Kale has low-fiber and shorter, thicker stems for readily available digestibility.
Kestrel leaves have a very high energy and low fiber thus start grazing livestock for no more than 1-2 hours per day to start with.
Kestrel Kale can be used to extend the grazing season as the cool season pasture season ends. Kestrel Kale can be used as a break crop in order to convert older pastures to different species and newer varieties.


Plant at 1/4″ depth.
Always conduct a soil test prior to planting. Plant in the spring after the soil reaches 50 degrees.


150-220 days Maturity

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