Incredible (Treated) 85 day Yellow Sweet Corn

Incredible (Treated) 85 day Yellow Sweet Corn has a large ear and has superior eating quality.
Incredible grows 8 feet tall, has an 9″ ear and stays sweet long.
**One of our best sweet corns. It has a 9 inch ear.

Incredible is a sugary enhanced (SE) sweet corn hybrid.
*Incredible Sweet Corn is available treated or untreated.


Plant sweet corn in a well prepared seedbed that is warm and moist-do not plant too early in cold soil.
Plant in Full Sun.
Plant 22,000 to 25,000 kernels per acre if using a corn planter or 1 kernel every 8-9 inches if planting by hand.
Plant sweet corn seeds 1.5 to 2 inches deep. (Planting to moisture is often practiced to help with uniformity of emergence, but this may be affected by soil texture. In heavy soils, corn seed should NOT be planted deeper than 2.5 inches regardless of the conditions. In lighter, sandy soils, planting 3.0 inches deep may be necessary.


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