HDR Meadow Fescue

HDR Meadow Fescue is a late maturing meadow fescue blend from Barenbrug with above average yields and superior winterhardiness that contain friendly endophytes.  Friendly endophytes are animal friendly and cause no problems with animal performance when consumed unlike old fescue types of the past.
HDR is soft-leaved and has improved palatability and was developed specifically for improved digestibility and increased energy for dairy and beef producers.
HDR is an excellent pasture component and very popular in hay blends as well. Meadow Fescue have been very popular in Canada and Europe, but were seldom used in the USA until recently.

Meadow fescues grow under cool, moist conditions and will tolerate wet and occasionally flooded soils. Once established, meadow fescues also perform well under drier conditions for making hay or silage. On good soils, meadow fescue will surpass perennial ryegrass in summer production.


Meadow Fescue is best planted in the spring or early autumn. Plant at 1/4″ depth in a prepared, firm seedbed, do plant too deep. Meadow Fescues do not no-till establish well or establish into competition from the already established grasses. Soil samples should be collected and analyzed well in advance of establishment.


Lime should be applied six months in advance to allow time to react. Phosphorous and potassium should be applied according to soil test recommendation. Lacking a soil test, apply: N= 30 lbs., P= 70lbs. and K= 50 lbs./acre. Appropriate cutting heighth is improtant for plant regrowth. After cutting, there should be leaves remaining on the plant.

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