Hairy Vetch

Hairy Vetch is a vigorous winter annual legume that is used mostly for green manure.
Hairy Vetch can also be seeded in corn at the last cultivation or planted with fall rye grain in the fall.
Hairy Vetch provides good dry matter and excellent hay production and build Nitrogen for the next crop.
When planted in mid-August, Hairy Vetch can be 3-4 feet tall by mid-May the following year.

Hairy Vetch is commonly planted in late summer/early to late fall with or without rye or other grains.
Spring regrowth is robust and hairy vetch will produce a large amount of nitrogen.
Hairy vetch has a prostrate plant vine with purple flowers.


Plant at 1/2″-1″ depth
Inoculant recommended.


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