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Gulf Annual Ryegrass

Gulf Annual Ryegrass is a very useful, quick establishing (germination time is 7 – 10 days) annual grass high in palatability and nutrition.
Gulf provides high yields of very palatable, nutritious forage in pasture or grass hay mixes.

Gulf has a multitude of uses for which all are extremely beneficial to many differing types of production.
Gulf Annual Ryegrass is used for: Erosion control-Gulf comes up quickly and covers the ground profusely and has a long root system to hold soils.
Lawn Mix Component-in lawn mixes,
Gulf acts as the starter that will quickly establish, and hold the soil while permanent turf is being established.
Gulf also capture Nitrogen, making it a beneficial component to better the soil and retain moisture for the longevity of these fields for years. Emergency Crop-Gulf makes a quick, nutritious grass that can grazed or cut planted by itself and is a great companion to other grasses & legumes.


Plant at 1/4″ depth. Gulf can be spring or early fall seeded, frost-seeded, broadcast or drilled.


Annual Ryegrass likes moist, fertile soils and will respond to liberal applications of nitrogen.

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