Grazers Special Mix

New-Improved Mixture! Now with Meadow Fescue!!
Grazer’s Special is an economical pasture mix with high quality grasses that establish easily, are fast growing and very palatable. Grazer’s Special is a popular choice for beef, sheep and horse producers who need a high quality, economic pasture. Grazers Special consists of:
20% Tekapo Grazing Orchardgrass
20% Tetrasweet Tetraploid Perennial Ryegrass
20% DUO Festulolium
20% Meadow Fescue
20% Lincoln Smooth Bromegrass

All of our Pasture Perfect Mixes contain differing varieties of grasses specifically suited for grazing situations.
Grazers Special is a more economic mixture without sacrificing quality or longevity of the pasture.


Plant at 1/4″ depth. An ideal soil bed is moist, fertile and firm. A soil test is recommended for proper plant establishment and growth.
Prepare a soil bed or if possible use a no-till drill. If renovating an existing pasture use a non-selective herbicide to reduce competition. Avoid planting the seeds too deep or too far apart. Ideal depth for seedlings is 1/8-1/4th”. Adequate seed-to-soil contact should be ensured by rolling or packing soil.


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