Fixation Balansa Clover (w/Nitro-Coat Organic® )

Fixation Balansa Clover (w/Nitro-Coat Organic®) is a small seeded annual, cool season clover that produces exceptional quantities of biomass. Fixation Balansa Clover can be used as a nitrogen crop, cover crop, for grazing and a bee attractant and pollinator. Fixation Balansa Clover offers producers superior reseeding properties.
By allowing Fixation Balansa Clover to set seeds approximately 45 days post full bloom, you can create a seed bank from which Fixation Balansa Clover can re-generate year after year with only occasional re-seeding needed.
*Organic producers will have a hard time controlling Fixation Balansa Clover in a crop rotation due to its large amount of hard seed.
Fixation Balansa Clover has withstood temperatures as low as 5 degrees with no snow cover and with snow cover has survived sub-zero temperatures.

Fixation Balansa Clover is coated and pre-inoculated with an OMRI listed coating and inoculation for improved establishment and growth.
Coatings are beneficial for better seed coat protection and are easier to plant.
Inoculation is recommended when planting legumes.
*Details on seed coatings, inoculations and our OMRI certificates are available on our Resources Page.

OMRI Listed



Plant at 1/4″ depth. Plant in the spring or from mid-July to early September.
An ideal soil bed is moist, fertile and firm.
A soil test is recommended for proper plant establishment and growth.


Cut prior to bloom if you do not want Balansa to reseed.

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