Estancia Tall Fescue

Estancia with ArkShield® is the latest generation forage tall fescue with the addition of a beneficial endophyte. Estancia Tall Fescue produces highly nutritious, high-quality forage that results in healthier cows, heavier weaning calves and improved steer and heifer weight gains.
Recent trials conducted at Mississippi State University shows Estancia to be a top producer of dry matter.
ArkShield® is a patented smart endophytic fungus that lives inside Estancia Tall Fescue seed and plants in a mutually beneficial relationship protecting the grass from disease, insects and environmental stresses like heat and drought.

Estancia is packaged in a 25 lb. sealed foil bag to reduce air, heat and moisture transfer into and out of
the bag that helps to ensure the viability of the seed and the live ArkShield® endophyte. Estancia with ArkShield® has both a guaranteed analysis tag ensuring the seed purity and germination, as well as a sowby date ensuring the viability of the live endophyte.


Plant at 1/4″


Estancia can be planted in the spring or early fall.

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