Devour Orchardgrass

Devour Orchardgrass is a new, multi-functional orchardgrass providing persistence under grazing pressure and more of a prostrate growth habit, making it an excellent choice for hay as well!
Devour is a later maturing variety with high quality forage and is very compatible with legumes.

Devour was a top performer in persistence trials and was noted as a high yielder.


Plant Devour at a 1/4″ depth in the spring or early fall.


Orchardgrass takes a year or more to reach its full production potential. No-till is only recommended when a herbicide is used to sufficiently kill or retard the existing stand. A minimum pH of 6.0 is best. Profit Orchardgrass should initially be cut or grazed leaving a 4-6″ stand the first cutting, the first year, to insure better persistance and regowth. Because orchardgrass pastures are slower to establish than traditional ryegrass pastures, grazing management following sowing is crucial to successful establishment of the stand. Establishment under ideal growing conditions could be 6-7 weeks for a Spring sowing and 10-12 weeks for an Autumn sowing. In a pure Orchardgrass stand, the first grazing should be brief and preferably by young stock. An application of nitrogen, 25-30 units/acre 4-6 weeks after sowing promotes tillering without damage to the young stand. Once established, orchardgrass should be grazed or cut leaving a 3-4″

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