Crown Vetch

Crown Vetch is a longterm, perennial legume primarily used to control erosion and stabilize banks and terraces.
Crown Vetch overtakes and suppresses other vegetation, Due to its creeping growth habit, it can cover and shade out other plants and eventually form a dense monocultures. Infestations, over time, can cover several acres of land.

Crown Vetch is slower to establish so it is important to control weeds during establishment.
Crown Vetch has dark green leaves and the flowers are a pinkish-lavender to white color.
Hairy Vetch will bloom from May through August.
The flat pods are borne in crown-like clusters, and contain many small seeds.
Crown Vetch’s roots are aggressive rhizomes, growing horizontally up to 10 feet and will produce new plants easily.


Plant at 1/4″ depth
Inoculant recommended.


Once established, crown vetch is difficult to control or get rid of.
If you are attempting to kill of Crown Vetch, the infestation site should be monitored for several years and treated repeatedly until the seedbanks are depleted.

Mowing can be effective to slow the spread if done on schedule to prevent seed formation, and for successive years.
Prescribed burning in late spring for several successive years is an effective control method also.

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