Crown Vetch (Exceed Peat) Inoculant

Crown Vetch (Exceed Peat) inoculant is a peat based inoculation for Crown Vetch.
Crown Vetch (Exceed Peat) will inoculate 50 lbs of crown vetch.

*This inoculant is a special order item only!!
Exceed Peat inoculant is intended to be applied onto seed. Exceed Peat is a culture of highly effective strain of rhizobia (nitrogen-fixing
bacteria) that will colonize the plant roots to gather and fix the “free” nitrogen of the air, making it available to the plants.


Although no special equipment is needed for application, there are two ways to inoculate your seed. One is to inoculate the seed by mixing the inoculation with a small amount of liquid to aid in seed adhesion and applied at the time of planting. (Keep in mind, very little liquid is needed if inoculating with a liquid!) Another popular form of inoculation is to buy your seed pre-inoculated. This is done using a professional mixer and mixing the seed with the inoculation, keeping the inoculation on the seed in the bag. Keep inoculation in a cool, dry, dark location and use before the expiration date.


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