Certified Organic Thorvin Kelp Meal

Certified Organic

Certified Organic Thorvin Kelp meal is a natural feed additive that contains in excess of 60 minerals, more than 12 vitamins, and all essential amino acids.
Certified Organic Thorvin Kelp is processed within 24 hours of harvest. This is necessary to maintain the highest possible vitamin and amino acid profile. Certified Organic Kelp is available in a dry granular form and is easily added to pre mixes or used as a top dressing.
Certified Organic Thorvin delivers the most nutrient-rich kelp ingredients on the market for human, animal, and plant nutrition. We harvest from the cleanest kelp beds on Earth, and then dry and handle fresh harvests using exclusive methods that “lock-in” a powerful array of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients.

*Better Feed Conversion
*Better Conception rates with fewer birthing problems
*Lowers Somatic Cell Count
*Prevents Mastitis & Fever
*Increases Milk Production & improves gains in butter fat and protein content.
*Increased Stamina, less nervousness.
*Healthier coat and eyesight
*Increased egg production, harder shells and faster growth.
*Overall, better health, meat and bi-products from Kelp fed livestock.

*Organic seeds and grains are grown by organic growers that adhere to the strict organic practices that are required by organic producers. No chemical fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides are allowed in producing this seed. Genetic purity is maintained throughout the production and processing of this seed.

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