Certified Organic Prairie Hybrid PH2741 102 day Corn

Certified Organic

Certified Organic Prairie Hybrids PH2741 102 day Corn is a dual purpose hybrid with very good Northern Corn Leaf Blight and Goss’s Wilt tolerance with very girthy ears & deep kernels.

Organic PH2741 is a good 102 day hybrid with good late season intactness and has its best performance on moderate to high productive soils.

Organic PH2741 is a medium tall, semi flex ear hybrid with a red cob.

*Organic seeds and grains are grown by organic growers that adhere to the strict organic practices that are required by organic producers. No chemical fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides are allowed in producing this seed. Genetic purity is maintained throughout the production and processing of this seed.

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