Certified Organic Limagrain L334 Brand Soft Red Winter Wheat

Certified Organic

Certified Organic Limagrain L334 is a popular mid-season soft red winter wheat with phenomenal yield potential, great standability and improved winter-hardiness over other varieties.

Certified Limagrain L334 Brand Soft Red Winter Wheat was in the Illinois performance trials and this awnless variety has beat the competition by outyielding other varieties by 10 bu./acre or more!
Most of the yield increase is due to its superior disease package led by excellent resistance to stripe rust and glume blotch and very good tolerance to BYVD, powdery mildew and septoria leaf blotch

*Organic seeds and grains are grown by organic growers that adhere to the strict organic practices that are required by organic producers. No chemical fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides are allowed in producing this seed. Genetic purity is maintained throughout the production and processing of this seed.


Drill wheat 1-2″ depth.


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