Certified Organic Certified Thoroughbred Winter Barley

Certified Organic

Certified Organic Thoroughbred Winter Barley is a high yielding-full season, awned 6 row Hulled Winter Barley with high test weights and a bright, plump kernel.
Organic Thoroughbred is an excellent choice for feed grain, fall & winter pasture, and for straw.
Organic Thoroughbred Barley has above average winter tolerance, test weights and disease resistance.
The yield potential of winter barley is far higher than that of spring barley. We have seen yields in excess of 160 bu per acre.

Certified Organic Certified Thoroghbred Winter Barley is a PVPA protected variety barley.
Winter Barley can be a Godsend in drought conditions when other pastures are not producing. When planted early enough, Winter Barley will provide a good source of early fall pasturing. In fact, winter barley generally provides more fall pasture than wheat or rye.
Winter Barley makes excellent seeds in fodder systems.

*Organic seeds and grains are grown by organic growers that adhere to the strict organic practices that are required by organic producers. No chemical fertilizer, insecticides or herbicides are allowed in producing this seed. Genetic purity is maintained throughout the production and processing of this seed.


Plant 1-1 1/2″ depth


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