Certified Horsepower Oats

Certified Horsepower Oats are a very exciting, newer variety
Certified Horsepower Oats are an early to medium maturing, short, white hulled variety, known for their excellent grain yields, medium to high test weights and strong straw strength.
Certified Horsepower’s are medium to medium high in groat percentage and whole oat protein. Certified Horsepower oats have an excellent crown rust and stem rust resistance and are moderately resistant to smut and BYDV.

Certified Horsepower oats are a PVPA protected variety released from the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station and released in 2012.
*Certified Horsepower Oats are packaged in 1.5 bushel (48#) bags.


Plant 3/4″ to 1 1/2″ depth.


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