Certified Goliath Oats

Goliath oats are a newer late maturing, multi-purpose oat out of the South Dakota Ag Experiment Station that can be used for grain production, forage or straw. Goliath oats are aptly named because of their height. In initial trials, Goliath was 40″ tall (tallest in the trials).
Goliath has a very high groat percentage with average protein content.

Certified Goliath oats are a PVPA protected oat with an excellent disease resistance package with resistance to crown rust, stem rust, barley yellow dwarf virus and smut.
Goliath Oats placed 2nd in forage yields and 2nd in relative feed value in the 2011 Extension Small Grain Forage Trials.
*Goliath oats are packaged 1.5 bushel (48#) bags.


Plant 1/2-1″ depth. In liew of Goliath’s height and high grain potential, it has excellent straw strength-however it should not be planted on higher fertility soils, unless it will be harvested for forage.


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