Cave in Rock Switchgrass

Cave In Rock is a taller variety of switchgrass that can grow up to 6′ tall, making it a useful component in waterways, native grass restoration programs, producing native praires like the ones which once dominated central and eastern United States. Cave In Rock is also very popular variety when used in wildlife plots as a food source, blind and nesting area for wildlife.

Switchgrass, a native perennial, warm-season, sod-forming grass reproduces from underground stems as well as from seeds. Switchgrass is well adapted to low lying areas and is very drought tolerant and can grow in a wide range of conditions.


Plant 1/4″ deep.


Native grasses are slow establishing and weed control is vital during stand development. When grazing or cutting, do not graze Cave In Rock Switchgrass under 8 inch heighth and do not cut/graze until it is at least 16 inches tall. Do not graze it below 8 inches. A rest before frost is a good idea to give the plant time to store carbohydrates in the stems and crowns. If cutting for hay cut the 1st crop early while it is still leafy and before it heads out.

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