Canada Wild Rye

Canada Wild Rye is a cool-season, native grass that prefers moist sites. This perennial bunch grass has very good seedling vigor and early spring growth, which make it easier to establish and cover ground more rapidly than other native grasses.

Canad Wild Rye also has some shade tolerance and will grow in sandy soil. The seed head of Canada Wild Rye is a nodding spike that matures in July. Leaf blades are flat, with a rough upper surface and finely toothed margins. Canada Wild Rye makes an excellent companion in native prairie restoration mixtures. The plant has ornamental value and the dried seed heads look great in flower arrangements.


Plant 1/4″ deep.


Native grasses are slow establishing and weed control is vital during stand development. When grazing or cutting, do not graze Canada Wild Rye under 8 inch heighth and do not cut/graze until it is at least 16 inches tall. Do not graze it below 8 inches. A rest before frost is a good idea to give the plant time to store carbohydrates in the stems and crowns. If cutting for hay cut the 1st crop early while it is still leafy and before it heads out.

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