Bronson Tall Fescue

Bronson Tall Fescue is an endophyte free, soft-leafed variety that exhibits the toughness that you have come to expect in a forage tall fescue and the palatability you want.
Bronson makes an excellent companion grass in waterways, pastures and hay.

Because Bronson Tall Fescue is endophyte-free it can be fed with confidence to all animals.
Forage quality tests taken from samples retrieved from the University of Illinois and the University of Wisconsin shows Bronson Tall Fescue to have good feed value and digestibility.


Tall Fescue is best planted in the Spring or early Autumn when the soil is warm. Plant at 1/4″ depht into a well prepared, firm seedbed. Tall Fescue can be broadcast or planted-do NOT plant too deep, 1/8 – 1/4 inch is best. Fescues, do not no-till establish well, unless a herbicide is used to kill or retard the existing stand, as there is too much competition from the already established grasses. Soil samples should be collected and analyzed well in advance of establishment.


Lime should be applied six months in advance to allow time to react. Phosphorous and potassium should be applied according to soil test recommendation. Lacking a soil test, apply: N= 30 lbs., P= 70lbs. and K= 50 lbs./acre.

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