Barsica Forage Rape Seed

Barsica Forage Brassica from Barenbrug is a leafy, nutritious annual brassica that is very palatable to all classes of livestock.
Livestock will gain full benefits from Barsica because they graze the tops and later will kick out the bulbs and utilize the bulb as feed as well-excellent high protein and energy feed!

Barsica provides producers and hunters with an excellent multiple graze forage with high tonnage and excellent feed values.


Plant at 1/4″ depth in a well prepared seed bed in the spring or early fall.
Seed can be broadcast or no-tilled into suppressed sod but planting rate should be increased by 20-30%.
Brassicas like moist soils with good soil drainage and grow best on soils with a pH between 5.3 and 6.8 with medium levels of phosphorus and potassium. Apply 50-75 pounds of nitrogen at planting. If tillage is conducted let the first flush of weeds germinate then till the field one more time to control weeds. After final tillage pass, firm soil with a cultipacker then either drill or broadcast seed.


80-90 days Maturity

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