Excel Oats

Excel Oat is a PVPA protected variety oat bred at the Purdue University Agricultural Research Program and released in 2003.

Excel Oat’s are a very popular multi-purpose oat used for straw and grain yields.

Excel oats are a moderately early, medium tall, light tan (white) hulled variety. Excel oats have excellent strong strength and high yields.

Excel’s are medium in groat percentage and whole oat protein.

Excel oat has a tolerance to BYDV and is resistant to smut and susceptible to Crown Rust.

Excel oats are primarily packaged in bushel and a half size bags (48#).

Plant at 3/4" to 1 1/2" depth

Product Type: Oats

Producer: (None)

Treated: No

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1bushel $9.85

Planting Rates
Stand alone2.5-3
Rates are bu/acre

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